Life is a journey on its own. It is the location that changes.

You probably recognize the feeling of not being aware you are really on the ‘go’ when you just started traveling. It always takes some time to realize you are on the road. This is especially the case when you have been busy until the very last day with working, studying and all the other things we do in our busy lives. It made us realize it is more relaxed if you just let everything go and receive everything with open arms. Traveling is about experiencing, learning and sharing. We have so many questions of interest towards other cultures, living standards and environments.

Right before we left, we (us and others from university) started discovering an idea for a project about design thinking and young entrepreneurs in developing countries. The focus is on the  possibility to share knowledge and skill sets with the target group so that they will be able to realize their ideas. But for now, the big question is: what is holding back people from solving problems and designing solutions?
Airport BKK

For now we have traveled through Dubai to Bangkok and reunited with our friends Sam and Chalita. We are making a stop near Pattaya and are hitch-hiking to the second largest island on Thailand: Koh Chang.

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