A letter from Fred

The song ”Oh Sweet Lorraine” written by the 96-year old Fred has spread his love for his wife all over the world. If you haven’t heard of Fred or his song yet, let me explain to you first:

Fred Stobaugh lost his wife in 2013 after nearly 75 years of companionship and love. A few weeks after the death of his wife, he started to turn his sadness into music and into a song. He stumbled upon a singer-songwriter contest and decided to participate even though he wasn’t musician. He thought: ”What the heck!” Green Shoe Studios, who hosted the contest, was so touched by his letter and song that they made reality of ”Oh Sweet Lorraine”. What happened exactly? Check out the video!

It was beautiful to see how he loved his wife so much and how they shared their life together. Wondering what Fred Stobaugh is doing now? Working on more music! Here’s the official trailer for what’s coming up in 2014:

I love to see how this opportunity opened so many doors for Fred. All this because of his beautiful story and because of the internet, because of you! Good thing that video went viral. We just wanted to share this awesome story with you.
Fred. Keep up the good work.
And I love your printed short-sleeve blouses.

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