A new period

Not only has there been a change in seasons lately, but also for us in university. The last period before summer vacation has started. Which means new courses to follow, new information to analyze and to be critical at. You may have noticed this since we’re starting to get less active in blogging again. But these few weeks have been a full chaos and now is the time for some rehabilitation. A new period like this one always needs some time to settle down and to get used at. I (Johanna) have decided that I will share some of the things I do and learn in the courses. Just because I find it very interesting and some things are worth sharing, or they give me inspiration. Anyway, just to keep you updated what’s going on.
Kingsday 2014Here’s a fun photo of us during our first Kingsday. The queen of The Netherlands retired last year, so instead of a Queensday, we now have a Kingsday for the very first time. If you wonder what it is, it’s just the day the king/queen celebrates his/her birthday and it has been made an official holiday with a lot of good festivals/activities. Vincent had to perform that day with a group, and I was helping them, taking pictures and filming. F-U-N!

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