Koh Chang

In Koh Chang we stayed at our friends, friends place on ‘never never beach’. Unfortunately, the owner was not around so we could not meet him and it was just us and our friends. We arrived in the evening. Which meant we could not see anything as there are no street lights in some parts of Koh Chang. Furthermore, the electricity at never never beach was not working. So we had no idea how the place fully looked like. All we knew that first evening was that you can only get there by walking through the rainforest and that the sea was nearby. Never Never Beach
The house is fully made of wood and open to all organisms to come over. In other words, it has almost no walls. The place is meant to become a fully operating camping and/or bar. That means there are no rooms for rent. So for most of the days we slept in our hammocks or ‘upstairs’ when the mosquitoes drove us crazy.
Never Never beach Never Never beach
We also had no running water, but only a groundwell the owner made. It has some kind of system with a pump and a motor to supply running water to the ‘bathroom’, which was outside, but it was not working. So every time we needed water, for instance to shower, we had to go to the well with a bucket and some rope. Off the grid, right?! Fortunately some locals fixed our electricity problem after a few days. But the waterpump remained broken.

Never Never beach toilet Groundwell

Dengue and taking it easy

What we did most of the time was just taking it easy and letting all the university stress go. The foremost reason for taking it easy was that Sam was sick, we think it was dengue. Most of the symptoms were visible. There is no real remedy for dengue, a disease spread by infected mosquitoes. It is like a fever and you feel exhausted all the time as your bloodplates go down.
Sam in Koh Chang
Old people and young children are more likely to feel the severe effects from dengue. I remember my mother telling me that in the Philippines they use juice from young papaya leaves as a cure. So I went to find young papaya leaves and squished 2/3 leaves and put in a cloth with some drops of water to squeeze the juice out. The juice is very very bitter. Our friend took 1 shot for 2 days and he felt immediately better afterwards. There is no guarantee it really helped, but it was remarkable though.

We did our groceries, went out to several local places to eat, watched a boxing game with locals and most ‘local-like’ of all: we drove scooters and sat down with locals at night to be fed with Thai whisky shots. What has stuck by me most is that Thai whisky seems to contain less alcohol or that the weather forces you to drink more to feel anything of the alcohol (both good things as these locals were really on it). Oh.. and apparently mosquitoes find you less attractive when you drink alcohol. I am not sure if that was a trick in to getting us to drink some.
Never Never Beach, Koh Chang

Anyway, this was a short scoop of our week in Koh Chang. We did not only sit on our lazy asses, but we also explored the island and found the best layed-back places to chill after Sam felt better. Next posts will be more about these awesome spots. Till next time, and remember to take it chill.
Polaroid Instax Koh Chang

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