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The Seven Roads was founded in September 2012 as an outlet for thoughts, ideas, adventures, and an online platform to share smiles.


“How would you describe yourself in seven sentences?”


”At the moment I study Industrial Design Engineering. I love to explore and seek for new adventures to learn from. I express myself through breakdance and drawing. On the other hand, I love my moments of meditation, which has its origins in my interest for Asian cultures. My quote Dream, Believe, Do, Achieve has become my compass in life. The roads I have travelled in life have brought me to where I am now, a place that has grown passion for preserving the environment. I would like this to be transparent in my future designs, my own life and whatever is ahead.”


”If possible, I want to save the world in a canoe. I love moments where I can close my eyes to photograph the moment, breath and capture the feeling. I have something with the natural environment and developed an intrinsic value to nature, I try to balance life in this system with my ideals. But I have to work on my career as animal-whisperer though. Cultures, conflicts and languages interest me. Buddhism intrigues me too. I have many dreams.”

(like saving the world in a canoe / live in the Philippines where I can protect the environment and experiment with a sustainable community on an island / Or probably live somewhere and contribute to the nature friendly development of a country / Or something somewhere in Kenya / Climb a mountain / Work on those Steve Irwin animal skills / Desert snowboarding / Live in El Nido / Re-plant coral reefs / Oh and finish my studies)

Keep checking us out, we’re young, motivated and promising!

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