Exactly a week ago, 4 October, was my (Johanna) birthday.
As sweet as Vincent was, he made a pact with my mother and he waited untill I woke up.
I went dowstairs around 7.30 , finding my living room decorated and a selfmade, awesome cake on the table! Sweet surprise.
Cake (some ingredients: blueberries, melted white chocolate, pancake with nutella)

Birthday cake

In the evening we invited my friends to come over for dinner. Vincent and I were the chefs. Well, I was more a co-chef. After some stress and hurry, we started cooking. This stress was caused because Vincent was in school till 17.30 in the afternoon ánd he had to give breakdance lessons to little kids.
I did the groceries while he was teaching. And when he finally got home, he also started doing things in the kitchen. Our friends were coming around 20.30. Guess what, we finally ate at 22.00 But it was well worth it :).

Just wanted to share this happy day(&some good food) and I would like to thank everyone, especially Vincent!

– Johanna


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