What are Bohemian Guitars?

Instruments in ordinary stores are quite expensive and thus not accessible for many people. For many, the dream of playing an instrument or becoming a musician does not reach beyond window-shopping, daydreaming and playing on everything but music instruments. Pots, pans and scrap are alternative materials that can make music. But what if you let your creative mind do the trick and make your own instruments?

South-African brothers Shaun and Adam were so inspired by the resourcefulness of street musicians in South-African townships, who repurposed discarded materials into playable instruments, that they started crafting their own instruments of discarded materials. This earth-friendly way of crafting unique instruments does not only look awesome, but also sounds awesome.


 When Shaun first heard the amazing sounds coming from a guitar made of such simple materials, he felt a connection to the instrument, one that has never left him. A great sounding guitar with the looks to match should not cost a fortune, and beautiful music can be created from instruments made of any material.
– www.bohemianguitars.com

Next to the fact that up-cycling is just plain awesome for the reason that reusing or using recycled materials slightly lightens the burden we put on the earth by wanting and consuming so many products, Bohemian guitars also plant a tree for every sold guitar! Moreover,on fridays they donate a guitar to promote music lessons to children. Not just the everyday ordinary music shop. If you take a look on their site you will also find their core values, which also add up to their awesomeness:

Bohemian Guitars
Provide customers with an amazing experience. Buying a guitar should be fun, easy and affordable.

Collaborate and inspire. We strive to maintain open and collaborative culture in which everyone plays a key role and can openly share ideas and opinions.

Bring community together through music. Music is a universal language. It can inspire, teach and unify. Music can create bonds between people whose paths otherwise might not cross. At Bohemian Guitars, we believe in the unifying power of music, whether we are actively creating it or passively listening. Join us at one of our community jam sessions, to play, to listen, or simply to meet others with a common love of music, and let’s be inspired together.

Be smart with resources. Respect our Earth. Through planting trees and being resourceful with the materials we use (i.e. 3D printing, used/recycled material). Learn more about our environmental initiatives and tree planting program here.

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