A walk through Brienno

If you are planning a trip around lake Como in Italy, you will most definitely come by Brienno. Brienno lies on a small strip of land at the foot of steep hills that rise fiercely behind this town. As Brienno is only a 20 minute drive from Como, it is easy to reach and a perfect stop-over when heading further up north of the lake or when you’re leaving the area and want to enjoy the lake a little longer. The town is worth a visit as it is small, quiet and it carries a rich history that dates back before Roman settlement.


What to do in Brienno?

If you love small towns and like to walk through hidden streets and dark tunnels, Brienno is a place you would want to visit. It is fun to explore and find a place where you can eat a sandwich and enjoy the view over the lake.

As it is a small town, you can also walk to the churches of SS. Nazario e Celso and S. Vittore. If you are more into tanning and in need of a refreshment you can spread your towel on the deck of Via Regina’s public garden and jump right into the sea.

It is also possible to stay in Brienno and enjoy the activities offered in the area. These include water sports, hiking, cycling, mountain-biking and many more. Now, at least make sure to visit if you’re in the neighborhood anyway!

Parking in Brienno can be quite a hassle with a larger vehicle such as a camper. There is not that much room and most parking spaces are just on the side of the narrow road. However, on your way to Como you can just park in the tunnel that leads to the ‘highway’. We parked our camper there:
Brienno, lake Como, Italy
Before you thriftily plan your drive-by through Brienno, I pinned some places you see on the pictures on the map. You can design your own walk through the town. It’s one of those towns that is small enough to not plan anything actually.

– V & J

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