‘Dream Believe Do Achieve’

Art by Andree Wallin

Art by Andree Wallin

‘Dream Believe Do Achieve’ – V.M.L. Renon.

The first quote I created a few years ago. Now a friend of mine came up with four dance videos with a theme inspired by my quote. I was really surprised because he told it after the videos were made and in some way I just thought it was awesome to be a source of inspiration.

This is a reason why it is one of the main goals in my life: Develop wisdom by gaining knowledge through experience and to share this with/and to inspire the world.

If you Do Dream, if you Believe in your Dreams and if you Do what you Dream than you will Achieve your Dreams. There are even more thoughts behind this quote, so I came up with the idea to create a new category:  ‘Just a Thought’. A category where we will share our thoughts with you.

Let’s end with a quote my brother Maiko once told me. A quote which I still keep in mind:

‘Practice makes perfect’.

Note: Try to create yourself some words of motivation and repeat them in your mind, daily, weekly or monthly, it doesn’t matter. Just use it as a reminder to develop a positive mindset. 

– Vincent

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