Kid Warrior: The Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story

Earth Guardians sound like they come from a fantasy world where they protect the Earth for all kinds of misery. Truth is, Earth Guardians are not only to be found in fantasy worlds. This video shows the 14-year old Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez and his vision to change the world together with his 12-year old brother Itzciaihtli Martinez. Together they encourage young people to engage with environmental issues through the non-profit organization Earth Guardians. This video inspires me to keep on searching for a way of life in which I can balance all my dreams and wishes while affecting the environment as minimal as possible. Just like the Martinez brothers who can find balance in what their father taught them about tradition and culture and still move between the borders of today’s society, while trying to fight for a more environmental friendly society. In other words, they are mobilizing an army of teens who demand greener policy from our world leaders.

The Earth Guardians stretch far beyond the Martinez brothers and have manifested all over the world, spreading their ideas in their own countries. These crews – a youth-led group of mobilized badasses – are led by individuals ready to take action. You can start your own crew in your country if you want to!

The two brothers are put on the front lines of the movement – if we may call it that – but many more are involved in this organization. It is really worth to take a look on their website and read what all these people do to make the movement move. The brothers have actually made pretty cool (and cute) music videos about changing the world. They really bring fun to delivering their message and trying to engage other youth in the matter. Be inspired, collaborate and speak your mind. After all it is not the planet who needs saving, we do. Be an Earth Guardian of your own.


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