Eric, ‘the homeless guy’

For some people nothing is enough. But for some of those who have almost nothing, a little is enough. ‘Homeless guy’ Eric was pranked into ‘winning’ 1000 dollars with a losing lottery ticket by YouTube prankster Rahat.

He told Eric that he didn’t now how much the winning ticket was worth, but that it was the only thing he could give him. The prankster asked Eric to come with him and cash the ticket.

After arriving at a local store, the cashier who was in on the scheme played along and gave Eric 10 bills each worth of 100 dollars. Eric responded with disbelief: ‘You got to be kidding me right?’.

After that he wanted to share half of his prize with Rahat. And when he was told he could have it all, he looked at the money and looked Rahat in the eyes.. and then started crying.

I want to share it my friend

This touched me. Right in the heart and mind.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time. A long time,” the man said. “And never, never had a friend, had somebody do what you just did back there. Never.”


I’m so inspired by this kindness and it’s another slap in the back to stay positive and spread my happiness into the world. You sometimes need that extra kick to be conscious again about your actions. We shared this video to spread the love, which was the goal of Rahat.


This viral video made a real statement on the internet. To get you in some more positive vibes, there’s also a follow-up video with more good news for Eric. Do you want to know how Eric, ‘the homeless guy’ is doing? Watch this video!

Eric, ‘the homeless‘ guy. Eric is ‘humanized‘. Probably one of the main things most homeless people want. When I look around, people are afraid of each other. When I look around I can feel it, when I walk around I can see it. Because I feel it too. Until I have that moment of ‘good’ sense again. There’s no need to be living in fear. Small fear, big fear, all fear actually. Our own experiences taught us, coincidentally also with the homeless, that most people just want attention. Just a small talk. The feeling that they are human and the feeling of being social. This is also true for the elderly, some feel very lonely.

And you could be just that person to light someones world.. even for a little while.

Try it.

I assure you. It’s pure happiness. 



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