The eastern part of Koh Chang is more local and less touristic. The area is perfect for more adventure and especially for a motor bike day. The eastern part has some waterfalls as well and can be accessed by foot. Other than that, you can just ride around and enjoy the views. As for our personal experience, we tried to follow to reach the very end of the road in the east. Little did we know, there was practically no road.

The eastern part of Koh Chang


On the east, there is only one recorded viewpoint in the south – as can be seen on the map. However, there are many places where you can just sit and enjoy the view. One of these places is near the Centerpoint Ferry Pier. From here you can see the mountains of Cambodia as dark mystical shadows in the horizon.

Far down the south-east, there is a viewpoint where you can see smaller islands like Koh Prao Noi, Koh Phrao Nok and Koh Lao Nai. As this place is already far down the road, it is good to know you can buy gasoline and water here.

Until the end of the road

First we followed the road – as can be seen on the map as the first red line to stop – opposite to Koh Phrao Nok. The road ends at what seemed to be property of people.

They did not seem to mind us walking around there. We roamed around for a while and sat on a pier, which faced the mountains of Koh Chang on one side and viewed smaller islands on the other side. This is a great spot to take a rest and enjoy the tranquility and the view that comes with it for free.

Off-road and Naval Memorial in Koh Chang

We decided to try to follow the road until it fully ended. What looked like the end of the concrete road near Lonely Beach, seemed like the beginning of an off-road track.

It took us about 30 minutes to get from Lonely Beach to the Naval Memorial. After that, the road seemed to get even smaller and there was also some sign with a red cross – as if no person could enter. After checking the surroundings of the Naval Memorial, we decided to head back as we were running out of gasoline and had a long way to go.

On the way back we bought 1 liter gasoline for 30 Baht in east Koh Chang, which is roughly about 10 to 20 Baht cheaper than in the western part.

Waterfalls in east Koh Chang

As the map shows, there are about 4 waterfall that are accessible from the east: Kheeri Phet, Klong Nueng, Than Mayom and Klong Nonsi. Kheeri Phet waterfall looks like the most accessible one as the road reaches the waterfall fully. For the others, it is required to walk or follow the stream. We tried to reach Klong Nonsi waterfall, but after checking the first few meters of the path we decided to go home. It was late in the afternoon already and we would probably reach the waterfall in darkness or leave in darkness, which is not a safe choice. Remember to think about your safety first!

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