Two years after they released their crowdfunded – first edition Fairphone, Fairphone is back with a follow-up. About 20.000 people invested 325 euros and waited 5 months to get hands on the Fairphone 1 and start the movement. It was called a movement because Fairphone wanted to make a change. In daily life we use all sorts of products, they come and go all the time. But what if I asked you these questions: do you know where your product is made, how it is made and by whom? Do you know whether the materials used for production come in a fair way?

So, you had no idea where your stuff was coming from and why it is the way it is. With Fairphone it is different, they do not only want to be transparent in their process but they also want to offer you an ethical smartphone. This means fairly-traded and conflict-free components are used and above that Fairphone invests in durable partnerships with other organizations like closing the loop (their story is about a chance to close the loop of mobile phones and to turn scrap phones into valuable resources).

“In concrete terms, we sourced tin and tantalum from conflict-free mines in the DRC, started a worker-controlled Welfare Fund at our manufacturing location in China, contributed to an e-waste collection scheme in Ghana, and of course, produced our first-ever Fairphone.”

If we look at the current drivers of why people replace their phones every two years, we find that in the first place people want to keep up with the latest tech (enjoy the ‘full speed’) and secondly because they either break or damage their phone. The problem here is that full phone replacements create a lot of E-waste.. unless the architecture is changed and that is exactly what Fairphone did.

Here a shortlist of reasons why Fairphone 2 makes a change:

It’s up to us

Now it’s up to us. Are we prepared to pay more for a better world, which eventually will cost us less? Now, this is the point where Fairphone deserves it because they do it for a better world, not solely for making profit. And a change starts with effort, effort and energy from all of us 🙂

Costs: 525
Pre order: October-November


“This has truly been one of the most intense times in many people’s lives here at Fairphone, and I can say for a fact that it has affected mine significantly. Last year brought a variety of emotions to my doorstep. I was positively blown away that so many people were willing to take this journey with us. I was thrilled and moved, but also terrified. In fact, to be honest, the period between June and December 2013 (before we started shipping), when we had your money in our account and your trust on our shoulders, was both the best and the worst time of my life!”

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