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First trip together: in to Italy

August 14 – 07:00 I woke up, a little early, but excited for the day because that night our flight would leave to Italy.

A few hours later Johanna woke up. We packed our bags and I went to her. We went to the city to buy some stuff, including some presents for our host family in Italy. We bought some typically dutch cookies called ‘stroopwafels’ ‘ (it’s like 2 flat cookies with caramel in between), some oven mitts decorated with some windmills and some more cookies!

When we were back at Johanna’s place for the packing and the last preparations we had this little problem.. My bag was too heavy.. and above 10 kilo’s, would cost me 50 euros, so we had to change some stuff and amazingly when we checked for the second time, both bags weighed 9.3 kilo’s, Nice!

So, everything packed and ready to leave we discovered we ran out of time.. Now time was chasing us and we had to run to the bus stop. Luckely we made it in time.

Now from here we had to go to the train station of Roosendaal by bus. From there we would travel to Oisterwijk and Anja would be waiting for us. She was driving to the airport in Weeze (Dusseldörf, Germany) and together we would fly to Italy.

in the car to the airport

in the car to the airport

Oh well, I forgot to tell.. Our plan :
First off we were going to the house of a friend of my father, in ripabottoni, Molice, south of Italy… still get it?! The plan was to stay there for a few days and move on to the West of Italy where our friend Francesco was waiting for us. Francesco is a friend Johanna met in Sweden. There we would stay with him and his family till August 24.

Now, back to business. After a few hours of driving we arrived at the airport, we were a little early,but it’s better to have some extra time than to be late. From there on everything went quite smooth and we landed at 19:00 in Pescara. A few more hours of travelling followed. First from Pescara (east of Italy) to Termoli by train and from Termoli to Ripabottoni by car.

arrival in Termoli

arrival in Termoli

– Vincent

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