First week of travelling: Kuala Lumpur 2

Reggae Guesthouse 1

As the sun woke up, so did we. Reggae Guesthouse 1 has only shared bathrooms, but they have warm water. Overall it was very clean and the atmosphere in the guesthouse was really laid back. The guesthouse serves breakfast too. It’s simple though. Just some sandwich bread and with spread (jam, butter, peanut butter). Pretty good for the budget backpackers among us!

Walking through the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Walking through the streets of Kuala Lumpur

We changed our room for the RM 60 / 14,64 EUR (2 persons) room. It’s a smaller room with a bunk bed, a fan and air conditioning. Since the Filipino guy at the desk was really nice, we asked him what was nice to see in KL. He immediately circled some attractions.

Our plan for the day was: The Park (bird park, butterfly park), KLCC and Bukit Bintang.

The Park
Since it wasn’t so far to the park we decided to walk and see some of KL.

How to get there
If you have a map it’s pretty easy. You walk to the station Pasar Seni, walk past the old KL train station and over the bridge. Now head towards the National Mosque and the Islamic Museum. If you passed both you’ll notice the scenery nature and you’ll see a sign with all parks to visit in the area. Since we didn´t know which way the main park was, we just followed the signs to the Bird Park.You will pass by the Butterfly Park and some more nature. It’s just 1 road with signs BIRD PARK every few meters. Just follow these!

Bird Park
To get in the park you need to pay an entrance fee of RM 40 / 9,76 EUR p.p. It was really worth it!

– It wasn’t busy at all (Don’t know how it’s in the weekends)
– A lot of birds are flying free and you can get close enough to take amazing photos
– There are some bird shows from time to time (free!)
– Enough birds to see and a beautiful waterfall

Amazing waterfall inside the bird park

Amazing waterfall inside the bird park

Orchid Park
The orchid park is located down the street if you exit the Bird Park. Go left and follow the road. The Orchid Park is easy to spot and isn’t really special unless you’re an orchid lover.

Our original plan was to rent some bikes and roam around the big park. But all the roads in to the big park were under construction and to be honest.. we were too tired to walk any further.
So we walked back to Pasar Seni and took the metro to KLCC. The station is directly connected to the Suria mall, which is located under the Petronas Towers. It will cost you around RM 3 / 0,74 EUR p.p. for a one way ticket from Pasar Seni. Again, really cheap.
The Suria mall has a variety of cheaper brands like ZARA, Topshop, The Body Shop etc. But you also have the designer brands like Chanel. For those wondering if it’s cheaper to shop in Malaysia: It depends. For gadgets, it’s really ‚cheap’ in Malaysia. For example: The official brand GoPro sells the GoPro black edition for 380 EUR, while it’s 450 EUR in The Netherlands. But it’s about the same for clothes in official stores. It also depends on the brand, Converse for example is slightly cheaper (Classic black low chucks cost about RM 150 / 37 EUR while it’s about 55/60 EUR in Europe)

.Our adventure of the day pretty much ended here.We went back to our guesthouse and posted a message on couchsurfing if someone wanted to come with us to the Batu Caves the next day. Goodnight!

Vincent & Johanna

* Note: all the prizes are according to the exchange rate at the time of travelling.

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