First week of travelling: Kuala Selangor & the fireflies

The day started off with the usual packing and preparations.

KL on the streets

KL on the streets

We decided to go to Kuala Selangor to see one of the largest fireflies colonies shining in the mangrove trees. An arranged tour would cost you about RM 280 / EUR 65 p.p. And since we’re trying to travel low-budget, that was just not going to work.

We did our research and departed in the afternoon. But before that, we met Carol. A really nice Malaysian woman working in the middle east. We talked, we clicked, we grabbed lunch, we shared stories and found out that she was a couchsurfer.

How to get to Kuala Selangor

It’s pretty obvious you need to do your research before you go somewhere (unless you’re on those I’ll-see-where-I-end-up-journeys).

The internet told us
A bus should depart from Paduraya bus station to Kuala Selangor and it would take you 2-3 hours to get there.

How it really went
We arrived at Paduraya bus station (near LRT station Masjid Jamek). There they told us that there is no bus to Kuala Selangor. ‘You need to go to the bus station near LRT station Pasar Seni.’ *sight* That was the direction we came from, and even further than that. Luckily it’s just a 10 minute walk (but it feels longer when you’re carrying bags and melting at the same time because of the hot sun). So we arrived at the bus station near Pasar Seni and they told us that there is no bus to Kuala Selangor. That was when we started to feel travellers-stress  because it was getting late. When we just felt like we were going nowhere the guy told us that we could take the train from the old KL train station to Klang. And from there we could take a bus to Kuala Selangor. So we went to the train station, 5 minutes from Pasar Seni. It all got worse, the people and employees didn’t speak proper English enough, so buying a ticket was pretty hard, which surprised us since most people in KL speak a little English. After that we jumped in the wrong train, but jumped out in time (thank you instinct!!).

Finally we got on the right train and found someone that spoke English a little bit more. The train ride was okay, it takes an hour to get to Klang but the train is really modern and well air conditioned. Besides the fact that we were stared at a lot, we had a good and safe trip.

So, how to get to Kuala Selangor (our way):
* Take the train to Klang from the old train station
– It will probably cost you around RM 5 / EUR 1,15
– It’s a 1 hour trip with a lot of stops
! There are two places called Klang, make sure you go to the right one (the first Klang-station).

* From Klang station, you need to walk 15 minutes to the bus station
– It’s better to search for the bus station in advance, or ask people (if they understand you)



– When you exit the station, you go to the right and walk straight forward until you see a bridge. Take the stairs to the bridge and when you’re on it, follow the bridge to the right. When the bridge ends, you need to go to the left and you will see buses.

* The bus to Kuala Selangor is RM 5 / EUR 1,15
– The travel time depends on what kind of bus you have, what time you’re on it and what day. We we’re pretty unlucky and the driver stopped every 5 meters around 6 p.m when people head for home after work or school. It took us 2 hours in total.

To be continued!

Vincent & Johanna

* Note: all the prizes are according to the exchange rate at the time of travelling

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