Fishing from land and boat

 July 31 – Fishing from land and boat, yeah it sounds fun. Not really if it’s raining aaand yes it was raining ánd it was cold. Nevertheless, we went fishing on our base camp, our little island. The Bollnäs fishing club made sure we got all the fishing equipment we needed. Including the living bait… It didn’t take a long time before the first girl screamed looking at the bait. Now it was time to catch those sharks!! Moving around the island with my fishing gear, I caught 8! Not really shark-ish but it didn’t matter. It was fun.
But the fun didn’t last long after lunch. The weather was still bad and some of us sneaked inside, to a room, and got all cozy.

Going for a boat ride
There was this boat that took 3 people each time to fish. The boat went far, across small pretty islands. But because of the weather, the boat stopped its ‘fish-excursions’.
But it didn’t really matter because almost everyone already went on the boat. Except for me and 5 other people. I was already inside for a while when a man came to us and asked if there were people that hadn’t fished on the boat yet. Well, yes I said. So I asked all the others and some wanted to go and some didn’t. I said yes in the end and guess what, the sun started to shine again!

Aurore from France, Ioana from Romenia and me went on the boat. It was so nice with the sun! I loved the feeling, the sun, a boat and a beautiful view! I’m going to try to describe my view. Do you know the movie scenes where the camera is on a (speed) boat and going really fast towards land or open sea etc.
Imagine that, with a lot of Swedish nature. We went towards mountains, passing small islands and red houses on land. All of this with great speed. I had this titanic feeling, probably because I was in front and saw the whole view. It was so peaceful and quiet.  It was a lot of fun, especially because the nose of the boat can ‘jump’ in the air sometimes. We had a lot of luck with that! Oh and I ALMOST caught something. Three time in a row, I guess they were on to me and my fake, colorful, bait.

So far my fishing adventures and this easy, cold, windy day. This fish mama is out.

– Johanna

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