Flying high in the sky

July 22 – The day I left The Netherlands and stepped on a plane to Sweden.

Vincent brought me to Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport. The first thing we did: search for a belt for my suitcase, that was obviously too full.
After that, I dropped my suitcase off. We still had an hour or something before I had to board. So we went for a walk at the airport and we drank something at Starbucks.
But then…. 9.45 already?! Oh no, they were boarding and I had to go upstairs, to the other side of the airport. Good job…
So we stepped up and I still had time. Now it was time for goodbye. Tight hug, kisses and see you in 20 days my love!

With 15 minutes before departure, I went through customs and walked to my gate, a LONG walk.
As I arrived, the ground steward was already announcing names for a last call. The good thing was, I made it. Now I had to find my seat. All the people were staring at me, probably for being late. What made it worse was my attempt to put my huge backpack into the cabin. I’m not that big, so use your imagination.

After the flight I arrived at Arlanda Airport, I was picked up by some Lionsmembers from Lions International, Karin and her husband. She was holding this big sign with my name on it. I couldn’t miss that.
There I met Carl, a Dutch guy living in the north of The Netherlands. He was going to the same camp. After some talking and waiting for a french girl that was late, we went to the trainstation. We were on the same train to the place called Gävle, hooray!

At the trainstation we met Mert, by accident when he asked us something about the train. He was going to the camp too. In the train we talked about each others country. We also met a backpacker, he was from Italy. He told us some stories about his travels. For 1,5 hour we talked, slept and laughed. When we arrived in Gävle, I was directly picked up by Joel. He was going to be my host brother, a student in his young twenties.

Joel took me to his house where I met his mother and father. They told me that my compagnon for the week, Katarina, had some serious delays with her flights. Katarina is from Slovenia, Ljubljana. I was very curious to meet her. I already had some e-mail contact with her and we got along so I wanted to meet her.
In the mean time Joel brought me to one of his favourite places in Gävle. He told me some history and typical Swedish things.
After dinner I met his friend Erik. While we were talking, Katarina came in and we clicked directly. We went to explore the huge house and our rooms.

We talked, laughed, watched tv and nothing more than that because we were tired of the day.

– Johanna

Stockholm airplaneview


Our room


Wooden bird

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