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Maybe you already found out that I like cooking. But how come so?

It all starts with the Indonesian roots. My grandmother and grandfather were born in Indonesia and they came with a boat to the Netherlands. Before they left they already had some children but most of them, total of 9 (including my father), were born in the Netherlands. So, like my dad learned from his mother by watching her, I learned my first cooking skills by watching closely what my he did. After the first time, I started cooking more often. I learned more and more by watching my family cook, read in cooking books and on the internet.

What I want to post on this page is how I make the meal. I will guide you through the specific meal: what you need,  how to prepare, etc.

While making my first post about how to make Nasi Goreng I came up with the ‘Share your food’ idea. Why ‘Share your food’? first of all I came up with the ‘Share’ part because one of our seven roads is ‘Share’. In the second place I came up with the ‘your food’ part because I wanted this page to be about ‘How to, yourself’. The ‘your food’ has two different meanings: firstly to share the way you make your food (the how to part) and secondly to literally share your food.

Well, I hope that you like the page and that you’ll try it by yourself!
Never be scared to try because you think you can’t.
Step by step you’ll learn how not to and how to.

ps: never forget to enjoy your meal!

A meal I made together with Johanna

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