We took a taxi from Bang Bao village to the pier of Koh Chang (150 Baht p.p / 3,84 Euro*). From there we took the ferry (80 Baht p.p / 2,05 Euro) for 20/30 minutes and arrived on the main land. As we were travelling with a dog, which are generally not allowed in any bus, one of the few options was to hitchhike to Bangkok. In the end we decided not to hitchhike back to Bangkok as it would take much time and we need to travel more south as we are heading towards Kuala Lumpur. That was when we tried to find a bus that allowed dogs to come in a friendly way. We had three options.

The first was to ride the big bus for about 1200 Baht (30,75 Euro) , but the dog had to go in the luggage room. We denied that offer as the luggage room is too hot and dark for a 4-month old puppy and for a 7 hour trip. The second option was to take a private van for 3000 Baht (76,87 Euro). The last option was to take a van with other tourists and pay extra for the dog, 500 Baht (12,81 Euro) per person/ 2000 Baht (51,25 Euro) in total. It was still expensive, but we had no other choice. The journey took to Bangkok took us about 6-7 hours with stops. The driver of the van stopped at the international airport and at a street in Bangkok. So you can choose where to get out, if you are lucky he can drop you off if that is in the neighborhood. Again, we were lucky our friend speaks Thai as he driver brought us all the way to our guesthouse.

Khao San Road

The most famous and touristic street of Bangkok was just 5 minutes away from our guesthouse (where they allow dogs) and so we decided to check it out and seek for some food. Khao San road is a very busy street with a lot of shops where you can buy the known ‘Thai printed pants’ and many other typically Thai souvenirs. In between the ‘mass-products’ (to be found in all tourist areas, there are also some shops that sell more unique products and you can find many hand-made products there.

The luxury of shopping malls cannot be found here, but if you seek well you can find something more unique. Negotiation about the price is normal and recommended as there are a lot of products with bad quality. Make sure to always check the product and haggle to a price that is fair to the salesmen and you.

For a rough estimation, hand-made leather notebooks are between 300-600 Baht (7,69-15,37 Euro); hand-made leather wallets are around 120 Baht (5,12 Euro) and unique hand-made bracelets also around 100-120 Baht (2,56-5,12 Euro). You could also buy some nice piercings/tunnels made from wood with prices ranging from 100 Baht (2,56 Euro) to 400 Baht (10,25 Euro) depending on the type of material.

As the cities are too busy – and bad for your health – we escaped quickly after strolling around the old streets of Bangkok and visiting temples the following day.

We went to two different temples where visitors are free to come. Both were very peaceful and some people just come in to meditate or find their rest. We were told that you are not allowed to step on the doorstep of the temple as it is considered disrespectful.

* currency at the time of traveling

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