Hang Son Doong cave, Vietnam

Could you imagine a cave so big, so high – or – deep, a skyscraper could fit in. Hang Son Doong is considered the biggest cave in the world with a height of 250 meters and a length of 9 kilometers. This cave is located in Phong Nha-K Bàng national park, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. Next to the facts that the cave has big halls and a fast-flowing river, it has also a tropical rain forest growing 400 meters deep. This giant has been around for millions of years but has been discovered by a local jungle man in 1991 and was recently discovered by British cavers in 2009.

The world still has hidden treasures, be kind to it (:. Bucket list material!


Watch this amazing video of the cave with its hidden forest and strange creatures. (Video of BBC)

And if you’re excited now, watch an episode of National Geographic.

– Johanna

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