Hej da Gävle, Hej Kilafors

July 29 – Goodbye Gävle and Hello Kilafors!

Early in the morning our alarm woke us up and a few minutes later our second alarm, our host mother. It was time to leave the Gunder family. We were brought up north to Kilafors, Segersta where our base camp was. Our base camp was on Kungsholmen, a beautifull little island with 1 single wooden red building on it. It was surrounded with black water and woods. The only way to go to the island was to walk over the long red bridge or by cano if you had one.


Here we met the other camp contestants. A small fika and a opening followed. Now it was time to say goodbye to our hostfamily. Katarina and I were excited to meet all the others but we were also sad because we had a lot of fun at the Gunder family. We said goodbye with mixed feelings. On the other hand, it was time for something new.
The first conversations started and I reunited with Carl and Mert, which I met on the first day in the train to my host family. Surprisingly I saw someone else I recognized. It was Sjoerd, a boy I already knew. He lives in the same city as I do and we already met a few years ago. This shows that it’s a small world. The conversations continued, rooms were distributed and roommates were made by the staff. My roommate was Julia from Belarus. Time for the camp!

Update: I remembered something, a trip with the canoe. There were 2 yellow canoes available and the dutch guys Carl and Sjoerd wanted to go for a trip on the water. So did Ron from Israel. But it take two to get full power, so they asked me if I wanted to come and I said yes.
I shared a canoe with Ron, we hadn’t really talked one on one yet. This wasn’t hard on the water with nobody around. We talked about our countries and asked some questions. He told me how things are in Israel and about the country its problems. It was nice to have a conversation like that with someone who has truly seen it and lived it. We started talking about school and what to do after high school. He told me that a lot of Israelians have to join the army after high school to fight for their country. I guess it was 3 years (for boys) and 2 years (for girls).
After a while we arrived at the first small island we saw. We took the ropes and tied our boats on some rocks. I had to be carefull not to fall into the water because I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. They we’re all wearing swimming trunks. When they asked me, I just jumped in like that.
The island was so small, it had a small bbq/fire place in the center of the island. Of course the boys started about a new place to poop on.. International poop.

– Johanna


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