July 24 – Wake up call at 9 o’clock. Healthy breakfast, a shower and ready to go!
The plan was to go hiking. We went for a 40 minute drive and left the car at a parking spot. We walked to the woods and we hiked for about 3 hours in total.
We had lunch in the woods at a BBQ place. The BBQ places in Swedish woods are everywhere! Erik and Joel brought some coco, coffee, hotdogs and we made a fire.
The hiking course showed us a lot of Swedish nature and a lot of mosquitos. Really a lot! Oh, the mosquitos were going to be fun in Sweden.

Erik and Joel went for a swim in the water, they asked us to come too. I don’t know if they noticed, but the water was pretty cold. I think they noticed..

Erik & Joel

This day full of hiking ended with coffee. Katarina and me found out that Swedish people really drink coffee a lot. I mean A LOT. At least 6 times a day.
And Erik told me that some ‘coffee-addicts’ sometimes drink 20 cups of coffee a day.

People also drink coffee at fika’s. Fika is actually a kind of coffee/tea-time. It’s for example in the evening after dinner or in the afternoon.
You drink coffee or sometimes tea with kanelbulle (cinnamon roll) or other sweets. This fika can be with your family at home, outside or at friends. This is typically Swedish and it’s fun, and delicious, to do!

– Johanna

Lunch & ‘tree close-up’




Rock on!


Hot coco

Our room

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