We got out of Phang Nga and set a goal to be sitting on the beach by the evening. We fixed a ride on the main road, direction of Krabi, and got off as you need to reach the pier going to Koh Yao Noi. This is a road off the main road and it was quite difficult to get a ride. There are motor-taxi’s standing by willing to take you for 150 Baht / 3,72 Euro* p.p. We stood in the heat of the sun for a while when a pick-up stopped. He was willing to bring us to the pier, even though that was not his destination. Bhun, the puppy was probably also happy to hear that as the asphalt was too hot for his little paws.

There are two piers and when we arrived at the first one, they said there were no boats leaving for Koh Yao Noi there. We were lucky enough that this driver wanted to bring us to the second pier as well. It is quite hard to get a ride here as there are almost no cars passing by this road. The piers were pretty far from the main road and afterwards we realized we were lucky to find this friendly driver. Be aware that if you enter the pier with a car, you need to pay 20 Baht / 0,50 Euro*. We did not know that and paid for the driver.

The pier has nothing but a few shops and some waiting sheds. A small boat was soon about to depart so we took that one. The fare is about 150 Baht/ 3,72 Euro p.p.* and the journey time is about 1/1,5 hour. It was sunny so we decided to sit in front and enjoy the view. But also for the reason we had a dog with us. There were some muslims inside and we did not want to offend anyone. In Thailand, many muslims view dogs as ‘dirty’ and do not like to touch them. It is comparable with how pigs are seen in the Islam. If you are taking a dog to the south of Thailand, be aware that this is the norm for dogs. Keep it with you! It is also harder to get accommodation with a dog in a muslim area within Thailand, but not impossible.



When we arrived we started walking the only main road available on the island. We turned left from the pier and just started walking. Our friend Sam and Chalita told us they were here only a few months before but that there have been many changes already. The road before was just a sandy road and some restaurants disappeared next to this newly asphalted road. While we were walking, the sun started to go down.

We walked past a property where people were just relaxing. Then they started to wave and yell to us that we should come. Here we met an inspiring artist on his land. He told us he was trying to build a place where children can enjoy and engage with art as there are almost no possibilities for that. He offered us that we could stay on the property and camp there for a small price. We took the offer as it got dark and these people were really nice. Next time, a photo diary about Koh Yao Noi.

*currency at time of traveling 

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