Our next destination is Koh Chang (Elephant island), the second biggest island of Thailand. With our friends Sam and Chalita we planned on hitchiking from Chon Buri (60 km from Bangkok) to Koh Chang. The main reason is that hitchhiking is cheaper, more of an adventure and most busses in Thailand do not allow dogs. Luckily, Chalita can speak Thai fluently and that makes communication a lot easier and faster.

Three motor taxis brought us to the highway towards the east and started signing to cars. It took us 6 rides and 8 hours to travel 250 km from chantaburi to Koh Chang. The speed and easiness of getting a ride or getting somewhere really depends on coincidence and the situation. For example, our first two rides in pick-ups were very easy and waited no more than 10-15 minutes. The first ride brought us probably 10-20 km while the second one brought us 100 km closer to our destination.

As we were sitting in the back of a pick-up, we sensed it was going to rain. The clouds were getting gloomy and we suddenly felt a cold and fresh air. After being dropped off by our second ride at Klaeng, it started raining and we found shelter at a local food restaurant. It rained heavily for about an hour and unfortunately the restaurant was closed. So we waited there until the rain was gone and sought for food a couple of restaurants further.

Luckily, there was still some open after the heavy rain. We paused for a while, together with a group of Thai tourists who found our friends dog very interesting. We tried to stop cars again, but failed to do so for a while. That was when an American guy on a motor-vehicle, originally for farmers, stopped and took us for 2 km near a department store.

We tried again on a new location and found a third driver, again a pick-up who brought us 20 km further. After that we paused again for some ice-coffee and the last two rides were with regular cars, which the last one brought us all the way to the ferry. He drove about 50km for us and did not want any money for it, as we were not aware of the direction he wanted to go to. All these drivers were so nice for bringing us so far.


Ferry to Koh Chang

The ferry to Koh Chang costs 80 baht per person and takes about 20 minutes to cross. Taxis in Koh Chang are very expensive as there is a tourist area and some kind of taxi-monopoly. The costs depend on your destination, but a taxi ride halfway of the island is about 150 baht.

At first we did not want to take a taxi and hitchhike the last part of the trip. But it was already 6 pm and it started to get dark. Plus, we were also kind of tired. So we took a taxi to Ban Bangbao village and hiked our way through a rainforest part in the dark with two flashlights. I am wondering what the daylight will reveal.


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