You probably have seen it in movies, at your friend’s house or you maybe have one yourself: animal trophies. Trophy hunting is basically a hunting game (or some consider it even a sport) where animals are killed and kept as a hunting trophy. The most commonly known and used body part for trophies are animal heads or their skin.

There are many discussions whether this kind of hunting is appropriate or not as there are pro’s and con’s within specific contexts, but the fact remains that innocent animals are killed and used as home-deco accessories. Especially endangered exotic species are popular to be hunted on and use as either products or trophies.

Paperwolf Design

These home-deco accessories can surely be replaced with something more colorful and animal-friendly such as paper. Etsy has a large range of creative products sold by all kinds of people and I came across ‘Paperwolf’.
Paperwolfsshop product. Source:

PaperwolfsShop.  Source:

Paperwolf is a German design shop based in Stuttgart that sells 3D paper crafts from FSC certified paper. In an attempt to get to know this company I have sent an e-mail, which has been personally answered by Wolfram Kampffmeyer – the creative mind behind Paperwolf. He told us Paperwolf is trying to take more steps towards sustainability in the future. This is probably to ensure that other organisms do not loose their habitat for the production of paper. Most products are colorful animals to hang on your wall and remind you of how awesome other animals really are. The designs of Wolfram range from trophies to DIY standalone animals. Wolfram has made it clear to be very enthusiastic about making new paper animals.

I can’t wait to make new paper animals! – Wolfram Kampffmeyer

The designer is trying to work on new products and even gave away a sneak preview. You can expect more paper sculptures to be published this summer (hint: the famous animal from the biblical story Adam&Eve and a nocturnal animal from Harry Potter). His future lies ahead filled with new ideas and experiments. So, toss those rifles in the trash can and opt for a more animal friendly decoration of your living space. Make sure to check Wolfram’s work. Plus, the geometrical shapes are just really awesome Click here to go to their Etsy shop, Facebook or to the Paperwolf website. What do you think? I am sure I would like one for my living room some day! For the Dutchies, Paperwolf design products are available on the site from the brand and Etsy shop Assembli. It is worth looking around and checking our their animal friendly and sustainable DIY kits!

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