The Idea behind our blog

How it started

The idea and story behind our logo started with the day we found out both our names had seven letters. At first it was just a funny coincidence, but after being together for a while the funny coincidence flourished into our slogan or even our personal philosophy.

The story behind the logo

The two biggest rhombuses (or squares, it depends on how you look at it), stand for imbalance or negativity. Within these two spheres of negativity are two spirals and two straight roads. The straight roads stand for ‚walking on the right path’. More specifically, developing and striving for balance. The further you walk the path, the more balanced you are. The spirals stand for the negative road. These paths contain confusion and chaos. They can be seen as stairs going down like spirals and the further down you are, the harder it is to come back as ‘walking in spirals’ confuses you. The two rhombuses or squares create a middle, a place where the good of left as well as right is combined together. It is a place where the lessons of negativity are transformed into wisdom. This particular point can be seen as the self. Literally and figuratively.

Literally for the reason that the center is equally the center of gravity. If one has the desire to sit/stand/rest, then one needs to make sure that the center is balanced. Figuratively for the reason that if one stands in the center of oneself, one can find oneself. Standing in the center means that one understands which identities one has and how to balance these. From this point of balance, the center, seven roads lead to the tree of life. We have named these roads:

Go, Be, Share, Smile, Feel, Love, Do

The further one develops itself within these roads will feed the tree. The tree will grow. For every new development, lesson and wisdom, a new branch will grow. If one further develops an already existing development, lesson or wisdom, the branch will grow higher. The feeding and the growing of the tree can be seen as the development of ones soul. The top of the tree stands for ‚enlightened’. The enlightened is high, at the top, of the tree. The top is as high as it is because that point shows oneself from the outside and from a distance. This enables a person to reflect.

 ‘The enlightenment’ can be seen as a ‚goal’, if we can speak of goals, in life. To learn oneself. To understand oneself. To understand what life means to you. To understand what you want life to mean for you.

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