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July 30 -The first ‘real’ day of the camp arrived. We received a schedule for breakfast, lunch, dinner, activities etc. Breakfast was at 8 every single day, so no time for sleep. No exceptions made, breakfast at 8, even the first day. Kungsholmen, our base camp, is also a restaurant so there were enough tables and good food. Swedish (kind of) yogurt, which I really didn’t like that much… haha. We also had normal yogurt with its toppings, cornflakes, knäckebröd of course, Swedish bread, cheese, ham, cucumber, boiled egg and tomato. That’s basically what we got for breakfast and it was a buffet so you could choose and refill your plate! It doesn’t differ that much with a Dutch breakfast. OH! I almost forgot, Swedish caviar on knäckebröd is a must try. It’s really good. Especially my dear friend Katarina loved it.

After breakfast and some more discovering first conversations we went to Järvzoo. The specialty of Järvzoo is ‘the big five’ of Sweden. The big five contains the five biggest carnivores in Sweden: the wolf, lynx, wolverine, bear and last but not least the humans. The zoo has a wide variety of Nordic animals and provides a 3 km long trail through the zoo with the knowledge of a guide.

Most of these animals live in the north of Sweden, but some of them are in danger. Hunters want fur, flesh and a lot of farmers protect their herd of sheep’s (example), which they make money on. From this you may conclude that these animals are threatened with extinction. We were told that this is not only a problem stuck in the north, but it’s also widely spoken about in Swedish politics. Enough about that, before I will annoy you all with politics.

However, if you are ever in the neighborhood and if you’re interested in these animals, then you should do this walking trail. You’ll get enough information about the animals and how they survive, how you could survive in front of a bear etc. (By the way, Swedish bears are generally scared of humans). This zoo is actually a connection of bridges. Most of the time you will be walking ‘higher’ than the animals. There is no road, it’s only for walking. Because of this, the zoo is very green and there is a lot of pure nature and most of the animals have a big area to maneuver.
For me, a half day would be just fine in the zoo. Oh, you can also choose to walk around by yourself. You don’t have to get a guide if you don’t want. Entrance for adults costs about 160 Swedish kronor (crowns), that’s about 19 Euros.

If you’re curious about our first Swedish dinner on the camp, I can’t remember…. I was probably too hungry to observe my food. Cheerios!

– Johanna

Here is a view of the park

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