A deserted beach with only the sounds of the sea and wildlife coming together is the perfect combination for a good morning. The sun started to warm up the earth and the warmth of sun-rays reached our hammocks and blankets. With no sense of time we were awakened by the cyclus of mother nature.

Fresh tracks of crabs roaming around at night were visible and at the same time erased by our feet. What a beautiful day.

We did nothing more than relax and explore Koh Yao Noi on our motorbikes the following two days. We visited the artist called Noi and spent time with them talking about his work and life in Thailand. Away from the quiet beach we visited the touristic part and concluded that the beaches were not that much better. They were actually less beautiful than the beach we found on the other side. It was way more polluted and dirty, too bad..
We spent the evening at Noi his property and made this crazy photo with Bhun the dog!

We made some crazy fires too!

Quite abruptly we said goodbye and decided to leave Koh Yao Noi and headed to Krabi, hitch-hiking the rural roads of Krabi. After arriving at the mainland terminal, there will be some tourists and drivers heading to the bigger cities.


We walked for about 4 kilometers with our heavy bags when a man finally stopped to give us a ride. It was a ride of 3 kilometers but we reached the main road where more cars came by. From there it went fast and had several rides until we arrived in Krabi in the evening.

At one of our spots, an ice-cream man came by and of course we had to try the Thai way of snacking. Coconut ice-cream, rice and bread. Why not?!


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