Manila: Almost denied

Our flight bound for Manila was in the evening, we decided to leave early since we were 3 hours from the airport just to make sure we would make it. We left for the bus station in Kuala Selangor with no idea of the bus schedules. In our case, we only had to wait for 10 minutes after a cheap breakfast at 7-Eleven.  This bus ride was far better than our ride from Klang to Kuala Selangor. It was less busy and the bus didn’t stop every 5 meters, so we arrived in Klang after 1,5 hour and we walked to the train station again.

From Kuala Selangor –  Klang – Kuala Lumpur Airport

* Take a bus from Kuala Selangor bus station to Klang (RM 5 / EUR 1,15 p.p.).
– Ask the bus driver or look for a sign with the bus its destination.
* Walk from the bus station in Klang to the train station (15 minutes).
* Look for the platform that goes to the direction of Batu caves. (Platform 3 in our case)

Klang train station

Klang train station

* Buy a ticket (RM 5 / EUR 1,15 p.p.)

In order to get to the airport, you could take the KLIA-train but it’s way cheaper to take a bus from KL Sentral to the airport.

* Take a bus from KL Sentral to the Airport (RM 8 / EUR1,85 p.p.).
– The buses depart outside and downstairs of KL Sentral.
– Follow the signs to the monorail and buses, or ask around and you will get there.
– The buses depart non-stop and frequently
– It takes around 1 hour to get to the airport


* Take the KLIA-train to the Airport RM 35 / EUR 8,10 p.p.).
– The KLIA-train departs from KL Sentral
– It takes around 30 minutes to get to the airport

At the airport

We had already checked in online and on our way to drop or baggage at Cebu Pacific airlines. When we wanted to drop our baggage, they wanted to see a return ticket, proof that you’re not staying longer than the allowed 21 days of the free visa. Such a shock at the moment, but it was only for Vincent since his other half is born in the Philippines and is allowed with a special rule. Stress wasn’t a big deal, yet.. We came early, so we had 2,5 hours to book a flight out of the Philippines. However, little did we know that the airport gods were going to give us a hard time…

Although it was a serious deal, denied without a return ticket, we were relaxed. Looking for wi-fi we ended up at Mac Donalds, grabbed our little laptop and we tried to find a flight online. Our original plan was to just see when we wanted to leave the Philippines because Vincent was going to apply for a visa anyway (if that works out), we just didn’t know where we would end up. While one sat behind the laptop, one ran to he Air Asia office to ask how much a flight would cost from Manila to Kota Kinabalu somewhere in August. The cheapest was around EUR 90 for 2 persons, but we could only pay cash or with a credit card if we wanted to book it.
Back at the Mac Donalds, the internet connection wasn’t working fast enough and our battery was running out. O.K. no problem, let’s just get some cash so we can pay at the desk. ATM’s not working..

KL Airport sunset

KL Airport sunset

Stress started to kick in as we found a power point for our laptop and we tried to pay for the flight online over and over again while there was only 1 hour to go. We quickly called and skyped with our home and asked what could be wrong, we didn’t have a credit card with us for safety reasons, only the data you need to book a hotel online. Our other option was to exchange our Euro’s, but we couldn’t find our little bag with Euro’s! Driven by the stress we started to get cranky and tired of trying and the slow internet connection. When suddenly Vincent his dad said: ‘Oh wait, maybe that number is a 6 and not a 0.’ ‘WHAT!?’ we said, come on! Now we were trying to book a flight all over again, which was not easy with the internet connection and laptop freezing the whole time. Finally, 30 minutes before the desks were closed, we managed to book a flight from Manila to Kota Kinabalu.

At last! We were aloud to fly, 1.5 hour later due to delay though, but happy (:

To be continued!

Vincent & Johanna

* Note: all the prizes are according to the exchange rate at the time of travelling

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