Manila-Baguio: Leaving for Baguio

A dull moment has never occured during our stay in Manila. After a few full days of activities, it was time for the next one. Jasher was leaving for Baguio (North-Philippines, Luzon) and we decided to come with him. We wanted to travel up north anyway. Jasher never sits still, nor stays at a place for too long. He planned on leaving with the nightbus. Travelling in the night is probably one of the best ways to travel in the Philippines, especially around Manila or big cities. Traffic is unbearable during the day and that’s why travelling in the night ore comfortable and much faster.

Last night in Manila
Our last night was pretty mellow and hectic at the same time. It was hectic because we still had to pack, since this was so last minute. It was mellow on the other hand because we had fun all together. Jasher prepared us a great dinner and Vincent made his Balut-debut. A balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled. On our way to the appartment we stumbled upon a streetvendor on his mountainbike selling balut, cigarettes and other stuff. We bought some balut and got some salt with it. Balut can be eaten with chili/garlic or vinegar. Whatever you prefer. It looks disgusting but it doesn’t taste that bad at all! Correction: It doesn’t look disgusting if the duck isn’t grown too big.
Vincent his first reaction was: ‘It tastes like seafood and chicken at the same time’. After that we grabbed our backpacks and left to a bus station to catch the 12.30 bus.

First glimps of Baguio
After a 6-7 hour bus drive we arrived early in the morning. This bus ride was horrible. At least it was for Johanna.

Beautiful Baguio view

Beautiful Baguio view

We made the critical mistake to take a seat in the back so that we could all sit next to each other. Why? The answer is quite obvious. First, the roads in the Philippines aren’t in the best shape. Well, there’s a lot of roads that are perfectly fine but the point is, some parts aren’t fine and that causes a hell of a bumpy ride. Second, ‘the bumps’ are worst in the back of the bus. You probably noticed it yourself. Third, the bus felt like a small riding arctic island. The airconditioning was working alright. But, since we were sitting in the back, it was hot because of the engine.. Last but not least, Johanna has motion sickness. In the end, there wasn’t a lot of sleep involved, again. We did had a lot of fun though! Just bring your blanket, water and food. Oh and some entertainment since 6 hours can feel pretty long, plus you only stop three times for food/stretching.

When the sun came up, our first glimps were the mountains, rice terraces and fields surrounding Baguio. Our bus stopped in front of the Baguio Cathedral and we had breakfast at Zola, a little further. It is the place to be for students and young people in Baguio. They grab their coffee (or beer at 7 in the morning) here or just hang out. Our breakfast consisted of a chocolate ice pancake, blueberry pancake and a cinnamon toast. The pancakes were about  P 75 – 80 / € 1,30 – 1,38. A pretty good price for a city like Baguio and the food will fill your stomach well.

Curious about Baguio after breakfast? Check out our next post about Baguio. We promise you, it´s going to be full of colours and rainbows..
* Note: all the prizes are according to the exchange rate at the time of travelling

– Vincent & Johanna

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