Moving in #1

Where a trip to South-East Asia turned into a trip within Europe, and again turned in to moving houses.
We moved into our new place almost a month ago. Here’s a little update.

At first sight the place looked pretty neat. But when we moved in we started to notice the things you normally don’t notice that quick. Or at least we didn’t, we’re newbies so we haven’t been looking for these flaws. Firstly, there was this terrible smell. But the broker told us it was because the service pipes haven’t been used for a long period of time. That sounded pretty logical to us. But after a week of cleaning and having the doors and windows wide open, the smell wouldn’t go away.

The Kitchen Mold
We figured it was from our yucky kitchen – speaking in western norms – and we noticed some other things. The kitchen has some mold and the wood is slowly dilating. Oh, and the previous owners really liked greasy food I guess. It’s like they installed 5 frying pans, which turned the kitchen into 1 greasy room. Oh and did I mention there was no floor? Just like another bedroom upstairs. Sight.

The Kitchen!
Secondly, the ugly blue carpeting that graced -not really – the hallways, stairs and small room was extremely gross. That’s the second factor for the weird smell. Now we know how 20 years of rain and mud smells like on a carpet. Thirdly, the toilet seat was just really, well not so ok. Just to put it like that. The toilet seat had a ‘wooden-like’ color and it had black seat marks. You know, from just sitting on it. And it smelled so sour in there, as if someone left 10 lemons to rot forever.

The stinking blue

The first thing we did was remove the carpeting and we sandpapered the stairs. Which was a really tough job. Under the carpet was another surprise for us. It must have been 2 or 3 layers of paint on the stairs. Anyway, the result is really nice. We still need to finish the job though.

Where the carpet used to be

Where the carpet used to be and yellow wall included


The result - in the making -!

The result – in the making -!

After that we started painting the whole house. With the exception of the kitchen. We want to wait until we get a new one (hopefully) from the contractor. Just one layer of paint was enough, because it was already white. But with some dark spots here and there. We decided to paint the ceiling as well.

Starting to look better already!

Starting to look better already!

At first it was ridiculous to paint everything because it seemed white already. But when we started painting, we could see the difference. It was just cleaner to the eye and the ceiling was more yellowish/ off-white than white. Oh, we also got rid of the ugly yellow walls.

The difference

The difference

2 pots of 12 liter paint was enough for everything (and with some left overs for the kitchen and ‘bump marks’ from closets/washing machines et cetera to finish). That’s a good thing. 🙂

Next adventure:
We want to make and design our own furniture and do that with as little money as possible. So what we’re going to do next is search for free pallets and free stuff on the streets and on the internet!

p.s. Excuse me for my rampage, I’m still aware of people with less on this world. So I do respect what I have, but i’m also very excited to make it better by my norms. Make my own home, make that one better. And I (we) will try that as sustainable as possible for a nice hangout and a nice place to study.

– Johanna 

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