After a good deal of brainstorming and changing designs we thought we finally had the perfect dining table. As our imagination went wild, a prototype was made.
DIY Dining Table: Prototype


The original idea didn’t include a white color, it’s just a coincidence Vincent made it with white colored wood. The materials that it’s supposed to present are scaffold wood and pallet wood. DIY Dining Table: Prototype

This prototype is ‘floating’ and unique because of the added greenery. It would have been a perfect place for basil, rosemary et cetera.

DIY Dining Table: Prototype
In the end, there was not enough wood to realize this design and it would have been a lot of work.

Shifted Designs

So the first design wasn’t going to work out. But there was a spontaneous solution.

Yes, a ladder. A unique painting ladder made from dark wood with paint splashes on it, bought it for 30 euros. Its length can reach out up to 10 meters and consists of 3 pieces. We wanted to make a bar kind of dining table. So, that means with bar crutches and slightly higher than a normal dining table.

DIY: Dining Table
So in short, here’s how to do it:

Step 1,2 and 3: Clean scaffold wood, Sandpaper it, Custom it and attach with a wooden plank
Step 4: Disassemble ladder

DIY Dining Table

Step 5: After cutting the lowest part of the ladder in half, it can now be custom-made to serve as table legs
DIY: Dining Table
Step 6: Assemble ladder and scaffold wood

Step 7: Put some clear coat on it and treat the scaffold wood several times

DIY: Dining Table

The table is fully finished, but I just gave you a sneak peek of the DIY. The crutches! These aren’t fully finished yet, they need some color (;. But that’s until the next vacation or long weekend. Enjoy!

DIY: Dining Table

See how smooth the surface is? The wood has been treated 3 times.

DIY: Dining Table

Oh and we used the second part of the ladder as a book shelf!
I love that the ladder element can be traced back on the wall.

DIY:  Bookshelf

Easy, drill a hole in the wall and attach! This ladder already had a piece of steel sticking out as a part of the folding system.

DIY: Ladder Bookshelf

P.S. We didn’t do anything with the ladder. We just left it in its natural state!
P.P.S The decorating and styling part is not finished at all
P.P.P.S. We don’t have a lamp cover yet.

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– Johanna

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