Moving in #2 Thoughts and Free stuff

We’ve been up and running to collect free stuff and especially: wood and pallets!

It’s such a luxury to buy everything new over and over again. It has become a habit and a pattern of lifestyle for most people. Not everyone thinks deeper and further about the origin of these materials. Where does it come from? How is it made? It’s something served on our plate, in the stores. Do you ever ask yourself, ”is this really necessary?”

What are the consequences of this product?

If not, you should do it more often, you’ll see that you don’t need a lot of things. It’ll save you money too. These questions are part of a more sustainable lifestyle. At least, it is for me. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything from the stores, it just means you need to slow down. Slowing down and buying less (or buying second-hand) is already more sustainable than keeping your pattern of buying-impulses.

Making your own stuff is not only more sustainable, it’s fun too. You’ll train skills you’d never train behind your laptop ordering overpriced stuff. Mixing this lifestyle with the average lifestyle of todays society is a part of a transition to a better world. At least, and again, it is for me. Change, for a better future, for a better balance between humans and nature will not happen suddenly. It takes generations to carve changes in mindsets.

For example, a generation (grandpa) that grew  up in war will not lose most of its ‘war habits’. The next generation (father) will have less of these habits because the situation and context changed. War is over, but there is tension and things need to be rebuilded. The generation after him (son) will have even less of these war habits since he doesn’t know how war feels like. Step by step, peace settles into these minds.

So we have spotted pallets on the streets, brought them home and surfed the internet. The result is one living room full of wood and:

Wooden stair
Bought it second-hand for 30 euros. Makes good hanging shelves.

Tree trunks from Peters uncle
To make bar crutches from!

Industrial fluorescent lights (TL lamps)
Bought it second-hand for 7 euro each. Reform it in some cool lamps? Or to put plants in?

A porch swing
I KNOW, a porch swing. We don’t have a porch. I just liked the idea of a swing in my bedroom. 25 euros, second-hand!

A FREE washing machine 
Came there to pick up a free closet – her father died – and left with a washing machine and a senseo coffee machine. She gave it to us, so that his stuff will have a purpose and ‘live on’.

A FREE senseo coffee machine

FREE lots of pallets
We picked up some vinyl for our floor and I asked these men (from the company Leen Bakker) if I could have the pallets next to their garbage bin. They joked and I could have them for some sausage rolls. But not the Europallet. That’s worth money.
We came back the next morning, I bought some sausage rolls and they even gave me the Europallet. Hooray!
Other pallets are from the street or picked up for free.


FREE wood, lots of wood

FREE wooden deck tiles
Great for the balcony

FREE closets
Not really sure what we’re going to do with that, but it’s wood.

FREE glass
Vincent wanted to make his own aquarium for a long time. And a whiteboard.

We tried to plan this ”free/second-hand stuff-day” in to one or two days. To save up fuel costs! And some stuff we just dragged home by foot.


  • Thumbalina says:

    I love this post!!! I wish so many more people would ask themselves “is this necessary” — Doesn’t it seem ridiculous we work so hard to buy clutter, which will inevitably end up in a landfill?
    PS – I love Pallets – Pinterest has so many great ideas from gardens, to tables to shelves:)

    • Hey Thumbalina,

      Thanks for the love! Me too, more people should look outside their box and look what’s outside.
      It surprises me how many people don’t think something exists because it’s not in the stores. CREATE!
      And I’m all in for a more sustainable lifestyle.

      And yeah,that’s my inspiration board too! Check us out in a couple of weeks and we’ll post results 🙂

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