Moving in #4 DIY sub-floor: reusing the back of a closet

We have a floor in our room now, pretty awesome and it’s turning into a bedroom already. But to finish this story completely, we need to update the hallway and washing room too. Here’s how we updated the hallway + a DIY sub-floor.

For the hallway we bought some vinyl and I still had some carpet tiles left at my parents’ house, so we’re using those. But we bumped on to a problem though. Because the vinyl we bought is so thin, it needs a hard and steady sub-floor underneath it to prevent it from cracking. When we teared the carpet away we found that the sub-floor was actually soft multiplex kind of wood with holes in it. A big no for this type of vinyl.

At first we thought of buying a new role of sub-flooring again, but instead Vincent and Peter came up with a great idea: reusing the back of a closet.
Hallway transition

So we scored some free closets for the wood and we also had the back of the closets. These are mostly very thin and there’s nothing much to it really. The idea was to use this thin piece of wood as a sub-floor. Awesome!

How to use the back of an old closet as a sub-floor (underlaid):

Step 1
You need to measure your hallway or wherever you want to place a vinyl floor

Step 2
Draw the lines where it needs to be cut and cut it to the right size

Step 3
Put into place and check if improvement is needed

Step 4
Drill enough holes to make sure the plate remains on its place and to make sure it’s steady

Step 5

Now you can start laying the vinyl floor. Cut it into the right size

Cutting vinyl

Step 6
Cut excess pieces

Step 7
When you have custom-made the vinyl, place some glue/luting on the DIY sub-floor and make sure you evenly distribute it to prevent bumps

Step 8
Place the vinyl and go over it again with a round glass (or a piece of laminate) to make sure the glue underneath is evenly distributed

– Johanna

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