Moving in #7: DIY desk from a door and pallets

The academic year is coming closer and we really needed a desk! We figured to make one ourselves instead of buying one. We still have loads of wood left for the coffee table. Our first idea was to re-use parts of the broken closet which the previous owners left behind. But then, when we took out the door of the built-in closet, we realized we could use the door as a desk too. We figured it’d be another item in the storage room if not used. But since there’s two of us, and just one door, we decided to use the closet parts too for a corner desk.
 DIY desk from a door and pallets
 DIY desk from a door and pallets

Here’s how we did it:

Step 1
Placement and measurement.

Place it right:
Make sure the desk is balanced with your other furniture. Next to that, make sure you position your desk where the light is best (or what you prefer). But watch out for too much sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause your eyes to get tired quickly. If you do choose to sit at a window, make sure you have good curtains.

We chose for half-on-half. A corner desk at the window with a curtain.

Define your measurements:
Build your desk for YOUR height and do not adapt to the desk. There are certain measurements that fit your height and needs. To get the ultimate out of everything, you need to build with an eye for detail!
 DIY desk from a door and pallets

Step 2
Cut the wood you intend to use as supporting beam/pole for the desk

We chose for pallets which we custom-made according to the measurements. One pallet stayed its original size because we wanted to portion off the study area from the clothing rack next to it.

Step 3
Sand paper all the wood you intend to use and treat the wood with varnish or whatever you like

Step 4
Make a supporting beam if necessary
 DIY desk from a door and pallets

Step 5
Check the measurements and place the desks
 DIY desk from a door and pallets

Step 6
Attach the wooden plates

Step 7
Optional: make an edge out of pallet woods to joint the whole things, and it looks fun. Don’t forget to treat the wood at least twice
 DIY desk from a door and pallets

Let’s decorate!
This is not the real thing yet, but we’re so busy with other chores that the ”final” decoration will come later!
 DIY desk from a door and pallets
– Johanna

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