Moving in #8 – DIY: Kitchen #1 Floor and Shelves

Our kitchen was the biggest pain in our eyes, but we managed to upgrade it in our own way since we didn’t get support from the contractors. They came by and they concluded that our kitchen was live-able. But we certainly didn’t agree, so we stepped up and upgraded our kitchen ourself.

First, our kitchen was smelly, dirty and had no proper floor.
The first thing we did was clean the whole place multiple times (the tiles were greasy et cetera) and did other chores in the mean time.

Goodbye gross floor

DIY: Kitchen floor

Step 1
Ripped it out and threw it away! What was left was nothing more than wooden planks.

DIY: Kitchen floor

Step 2
We filled in the gaps between the wood to make sure the vinyl has an even base to be placed on.
DIY: Kitchen floorStep 3
After filling the gaps, it’s time to place our new clean floor (:
DIY: Kitchen floorStep 4
The next step is to cut the vinyl into the right size and cut the edges so it fits perfectly.
DIY: Kitchen floor cuttingStep 5
After that, we attached the whole floor to the wooden planks with special luting/assembly glue.

Step 6
And the last step was finishing the floor. You can do this with plinths, but we choose for an anthracite colored assembly glue

DIY: Kitchen floor
Next step: removing kitchen cabinets

DIY: Kitchen
So when we removed the smelly cabinets, we found out that the wall behind the cabinets was slightly coming off and dirty from all the dust, water damage and greasiness.

DIY: Kitchen interiorDIY: Kitchen interior

When you think you’re almost there, you’ll stumble into another problem… That’s one thing we learned from this house.

Anyway, we repaired the wall and plastered it. Afterwards, we painted half of the kitchen white and we decided to paint the other half Earth Green. This paint was actually for our bedroom but everything was so white. It’s nice to have these ’themes’’ and colors in your house. We figured it fitted with the wood we were going to use as shelves.

DIY: Kitchen interior

Replacing kitchen cabinets with scaffold boards.

It’s been a wonder that we have done so much in the house already, but to replace a whole kitchen with a brand new one is just crazy. And we really don’t have the budget for that.
So instead, we replaced the kitchen cabinets with scaffold boards.

How to?

Step 1
The wood was bought for a good price, measured and cut into the right size for the kitchen

Step 2
If the wood is dirty and especially when its old, you need to brush out the dirt and the rotten parts (black parts). This is to prevent the wood from rotting even more and to clean it all up.

DIY: Kitchen interior

This is not a nice job and a hard one! Remember to wear masks and if possible, to do it outside. The fine dust and particulate matters are really unhealthy.

Step 3
When all the rough dirt is brushed off, start sandpapering it.

Preferably with a machine.
We did it with a big machine (the monster type) for a rough treatment and afterwards twice with a small one.
The first time also with a rough type of sandpaper to reach the parts the big machine couldn’t reach, and to finish it off. The second time with a soft one to make it smoother before the varnish goes on it (or whatever you prefer).

Step 4
Make sure all the wood is dust free

Step 5
Test all the varnish or whatever you’re considering using on the wood.

Step 6
Start varnishing or whatever you prefer. We used clear coat because we thought that all the others darkened the wood too much. This one was the most neutral one.

Step 7
DIY: Kitchen interior

Step 8
DIY: Kitchen interior

Our kitchen is still not finished, but every time we’re one step closer!
For now it looks a little bit chaotic but stay tuned for more posts about our kitchen, what color we’ve made it and how the interior is (;

– Johanna

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