Off to the ‘trainmuseum’!

August 10 – YARRRR off to the train museum lads! Oh wait.. that’s for pirates right? Well, pirates are kind of cool though… okay now back to the subject.
Our last activity organized by the camp was a visit to the train museum. We really didn’t know what to expect from it, just a museum with trains and stuff.

‘Goodbye my friend!’

The group started walking to the museum with no idea how long it was going to be. We first walked through less-middle-of-nowhere-area but then we started to walk through bushes and small paths. Next to the paths were some train rails so we figured we’d be near the museum.
After a 5 km walk we finally arrived at a small building. A building like that couldn’t be a train museum. Behind the small building were some other smaller buildings, old and neglected. Now we were wondering: what are we doing here? There were some pick-nick tables in front of the building, next to the train rails, where we sat down and looked at the small train on the rails.
A man suddenly appeared and he told us to split the group in two and that we had to hop on his ride, his little train. So a few of us hopped on the train and we went for a small ride through the Swedish greenery. It was like a 10 minute ride and when we got back it was the turn of group 2.

Through the greenery

We waited, threw some rocks in the water next to the house. The sun was shining bright and it was warm. With this lovely weather we had a small fika when the group was complete again, we got some lemonade and kanelbulle (cinnamon rolls).

Old rails


Is this it?

Some of us got pretty frustrated because a lot of activities were so short or not even activities. No time for nagging though, we only had 2 days to go so we quickly started fun conversations and made funny videos.

Carl (Netherlands), Anna-sara (Sweden) and Antoine (Belgium)


We enjoyed the rest of the day in the sun but unfortunately they didn’t tell us that we were staying at the ‘museum’ till 4 in the afternoon. Really? From 10 to 4? Bummer…
The ‘museum’ wasn’t a museum as I already told you. It was more like an ancient highway restaurant. But we did get some pancakes for lunch though.. everybody likes pancakes. It’s international love.
After a day of doing nothing, exploring the area and sitting by the water we finally walked back 5 km to our base camp. We were lucky it was still a bit warm so some went swimming at the base camp.



Fake party?

The following evening and night was hilarious. Katarina, Nazlican, Anna-sara and I asked if we could do some groceries for the night. Our camp chief her husband agreed to drive us to the nearest village/town. Böllnas was the name of the town. We did some groceries for the group and some groceries for ourselves for the trip back to our own country again. The group didn’t really know about this.

Attic view

After some hours we started gathering everyone in the attic for a party. We had some coke, popcorn and more sweets. But of course it wasn’t enough for the whole evening/night.
The music worked and we had a kind of party, but after a while the sweets were all eaten and the coke bottles were empty. Party over? Nahh… let’s just fake shots and alcohol. Hilarious for a moment, this just shows how funny and crazy the group was. We went to sleep afterwards though, with a few exceptions that kept on chilling through the night. 🙂

– Johanna

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