Packing tents, a hot shower and a supermarket

August 8 – After an evening of music and a night of not trying to sleep, ghost stories and everyone wandering around, we woke up early in the morning, stil thinking about our pretend-club-party in the woods with Rihanna on the background, to clean the tents and to pack. But before the cleaning, we first ate some breakfast. We longed for the return now but I guess we all learned a lot and had fun.
A hot shower would be great instead of the cold river water. With cold I mean, COLD. Especially in the morning when it’s like winter when you should wear a thick sweater, socks, pants instead of bathing in your swim suit. Glad that it wasn’t that cold during the day though.

Running down the hill, to the silence of the river

With upcoming colds we started to clean and pack the tents. We succeeded this in a small amount of time with the help of everybody. After all of the cleaning, we had to help to get refrigerators (in the cabin of Urban) and other heavy stuff on the hill. The bus arrived and Johannes and I rushed down the hill to thank Urban and his kids for the last time on behalf of the whole group. Goodbye camping, goodbye Vinströmmarna.

A heart from Israel

Back again
Back at our base camp, most of us went straight to their room after the luggage chaos waiting for the showers to be free. After some rest, a good shower and food we slowly started to gather outside. We were back pretty early and it was free time for the rest of the day, no activities planned. Sitting on the deck, not really doing something made us bored. It was clear we needed something to express ourselves, loose some energy and have fun. Being adventerous – and bored – as we were, we started walking to the ‘supermarket’ nearby. It’s was a 2/3 km walk for a 2 meter shop… well not really but it was really small.
On our way to the supermarket I picked some small strawberries and blueberries from the bushes together with Nazlican (Turkey), Anna-Sara (Sweden), Katarina (Slovenia) and Pete (Germany). Soon it started to get too girly for Pete, imagine the conversations and his face haha.

Simple but charming ponytail: ‘I-did-this-quick-and-I-don’t-care’

Sweden & Slovenia, Anna & Katarina

Food, photos, walking & and enjoying the fresh air.

French tongue?

We came back at the camp and suddenly everyone wanted to go to the supermarket. So we went again, having fun and picking small strawberries again …. until someone told me: ‘Don’t eat that here on the side of the road, people do their toilet times on the side of roads here in Sweden’.
Wait… What did I just hear? Aaand I dropped all of my strawberries and told myself nobody did their toilet times on my – already eaten – strawberries.

– Johanna

Capturing the moment

On our advenure, L-R: Belgium, The Netherlands, Israel, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Romania

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