Paddle, just paddle along the river

August 5 – Wake up call at 6! Urban woke us with the music of pots and pans. How nice of him.
Frukost (breakfast in Swedish) was from 8 – 9.30. SO, why, why this lovely music early in the morning.. That was what we first thought but no time for nagging.

Goodmorning Urban…

Björn (bear) came back from their bear-safari and went to sleep, Varg (wolf) went fishing + the bear safari and my group (järv/wolverine) and the Lodjur (lynx) went on a canoe trip again. This time the canoes were for two persons. I was in a canoe with Karl, from Sweden. He was a volunteer for Lions international and helped with the camp.

Sun rising through the woods

Paddle, paddle, paddle
It was fun to be in a canoe again, but it was so much harder than in a group. Teamwork was a must, must, MUST. We paddled for 2 hours. It was beautiful and so silent. Karl and I were in ‘second place’, Aurore (France) & Urban’s son (much stronger and older) were in front of us and Anna (Sweden) and Sjoerd (Netherlands) were behind us.
The rest of the group was far, far, faaaar away. I guess some had struggles with their teammate and/or canoe. In the beginning we could still see them. It was quite funny because the teamwork wasn’t that good in some teams. They went from zig-zag, turning around to almost falling in the water.
After a while, when the group was far behind us, we stumbled upon a rocky area and we had to find a way through it, fast.

Mirkka (Finland) & Johannes (Denmark) as a team!

I decided that we had to go left because the rocks were deeper in the water there. So we could pass more easily. It was a good decision but we still got stuck because of a rock we didn’t see.
After some yelling, pushing and pulling we could paddle again. AND we almost fell in the water. Thank you nature gods for not having a laugh. Anyway, I could really feel it in my arms now after 2 hours of paddling. Just how it should be.

The trip was from 10.00 till 15.00! Around 12 we stopped on a beach and waited for the rest of the group. We were happy when Urban arrived because he had the food! We only had the BBQ with us. The sun was shining, we were sitting in the sand where we ate, drank, laughed and slept for an hour before we started paddling again.
Another 2 hours in the canoe and we finally arrived at our final destination, Karl and I ‘finished’ second and we were quite tired now.

Dinner at 5.30 and my group got some information about the bear safari. In the evening, a guitar player and singer came to our camp and entertained us with music. A campfire, a guitar, music and classic songs.

What a tiring day full of fun!

– Johanna

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