Photo of the week #4

The story behind the fraction of that shot 
Well, some time ago we noticed a mouse was stealing food from us. So we bought a friendly trap and tried to catch it, but it just wouldn’t work..Untill the evening that I (Vincent) was studying and suddenly heard something in the kitchen, step by step I went there and found out it fell inside the trashbag for plastic. I quickly grabbed the bag, ran to my empty aquarium and there it was, we finally got the mouse! But the story didn’t end here… A few nights later I heared something from the piano. I went there and found a chocolate bar half eaten! So again, the trap…didn’t work. Untill I realized it was our smell that kept them from entering the trap. I solved it with some flour, and yes we caught our second mouse! And again, the story didn’t end here… So for precautions I left the trap there. Refreshed it a few times, but nothing there. After a while I refreshed it again. Some days later there they were, three small mice!! So currently we’re raising three mice! And surprise, yesterday I found out there is a mouse upstairs eating from a door, guess he can’t get it open…

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Photo of the Week 4

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