Picking blueberries and mushrooms

July 26 – A peaceful day to the woods. We went to the woods to look for blueberries and orange-ish mushrooms with our host parents and their grandson. We walked, talked and picked some blueberries. We were going to make blueberry pie of the blueberries and we were going to use the mushrooms for dinner.
A lot of Swedish people, that live near nature, get their berries from the woods. All natural!
But our host parents told us that it was a bad blueberry season. Normally, the bushes are all filled with the blue colored berries, but this year it wasn’t the case.

A page from ‘Medical plants’

Olle (host-father) told us a lot about plants. Olle used to be a doctor and was very interested in plants and that’s why he knew so much about it. They made lemonade and other tasteful stuff of the plants with medical benefits. I know what you’re thinking right now: ‘Lemonade? Plants? Plant lemonade?? To be honest it tasted… kind of good!

The rest of the day wasn’t that active. I guess being with a 2 year old is exhausting enough.
We relaxed and visited friends of Lena and had a fika (coffee-time) there.

– Johanna


Appel trees in the garden


Birds flying in the garden


Looking for blueberries and small strawberries – ‘Our house’

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