Protect Paradise: Tiger Challenge

green peace - sumatran tiger

green peace – sumatran tiger

Small things make a difference. Don’t think you’re not the change, because you are.

The only thing you should do is act! Be aware of what you buy and join the petition:


I also wrote myself something about the deforestation on facebook a while ago:

“When you take a look at Sabah on Google maps you think, wow a lot of green over there, Rainforests? NOPE… you probably heard about palm oil plantations…maybe you read something about it…but what you didn’t experience is 12 hours of driving with only palm trees to see.. and the sad thing is that there used to be rainforests.

One more thing that we experienced is the pollution of the sea and the islands. We went to Mabul for our PADI Open water course. The place where we stayed was nice, clean and the people were very kind.. what we didn’t know, until the last day when we explored the island, is that the island is kind of a garbage dump… and the people that live there don’t seem to care at all.. they’d rather throw stuff in the sea so that it’s at least not on the island. The diving there is fucking awesome.. seriously.. and we didn’t even go to of the best places. But if we continue this way there won’t be much left of this nature. All the people that we met in Mabul that went diving in Sipadan came back and were blown away by the beauty of this piece of nature. But they also told that on your way to the island you see small islands of plastic and other garbage drifting..

Same in the Philippines.. you don’t wan’t to know what sea pollution Manila causes.

Travelling brings you so close to world wide problems, it gives you the experience that you will never ever forget about, and especially for me it brings a lot of motivation, inspiration and ideas!

Sometimes while I experience these things I would almost “lose faith in humanity”. I can’t understand how we see and admit some problems but tend to forget it straight away. Ignorance plays a big role, but most of the time people know this is not the right way but they kind of ignore the consequences.

I know that the most important thing is to start with yourself.. so that is the message I would like to share… experience yourself. Start with yourself. Even the little things contribute for balance. So don’t throw your stuff on the streets. Think twice.

At least I know that I enjoy this world and I will contribute in keeping it clean. “

You want to know more about deforestation?

You want to act?

– Vincent

you can make a difference

you can make a difference

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