Did you ever question Google? Have you ever thought about using something else?

Well, for a long period in our lives we did not. Google was just the standard search engine and we never thought about using something else. Especially now since the new generations are growing up with the internet it is important that they have the choice to use the kind of search engine (online platform or any other software) that fits their needs.

A need for us became to consider earths health in each choice we make. Earths health is a basic thought which means that we want to minimize the impact we have on our planet and contribute to restoring the damage. So by sharing our choices and tools we hope to contribute to a balanced world. Even though if it’s by doing something small, such as changing our standard search engine.

We hope that you like this small contribution and consider your own choices!

Blog_Happy treeWe mean, they plant trees..who doesn’t like trees!?


Search the web, save the environment

Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its income to a tree planting program in Brazil. By searching with Ecosia you can help the environment for free. Give it a try! – Ecosia.org

So as their description says it all, Ecosia is a search engine just like all other famous search engines. The difference lies in their mission to contribute to an economical, social and environmental sustainable world. In order to do that, they donate 80% of their income to plant millions of trees in order to restore and preserve Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.
Ecosia explanation

80% is quite a big amount right? Why no 100% you say? Well, realistic and logic thinking can easily explain that. They need revenue to exist in the first place and have you ever heard of an organization running without money in this economic world? So 80% is a lot when viewed from that point, adding to that: How many does Google donate or how many projects does google have to contribute to a more sustainable/better/peaceful/etc. world? Does anyone of you know?

Ecosia: How does it work?

We have been using Ecosia for less than a month, but individually we search a lot of things on the internet. For entertainment, information, but especially for our university assignments. We are probably not unique in that way, the internet has grown to be a part of society. So why would you not multitask if you can?

Ecosia: How many Trees have you planted?

Change your regular search engine to Ecosia! And relax.. they have a button to switch to Google results. If you are not so fond about other search engines, but do like the idea behind it.. Go use it once in a while, every search counts.
Ecosia: Search engine

Go to https://www.ecosia.org/share and spread the word!

Ecosia: Share!

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