For a while we had a lot of boxes, usually used when people move to a new place, from the TEDxYouth Amsterdam event in order to prevent them to be thrown away. We were not really sure what to do with it, but at some point they were surely in the way. We ended up putting them on sale, so at least someone could use them since our free offers to friends did not work out in the end. Something unexpected happened.

A Dutch foundation that sends essential (basic) needs to people affected by the war in Ukraine responded to our advertisement, telling us about the dire need and that they could use the boxes to send their (raised) stuff. More specifically, they are a humanitarian aid organization that provides help to healthcare institutions. We decided to react immediately and give the boxes to them for free. We are happy to contribute in this way. We hope you do to when you encounter situations like these. Their site is in Dutch, but if you are Dutch and interested. Take a look at their site!

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