Koh Chang is an island with two faces. The western part is fully packed with touristic spots, while the eastern part is more local and mellow. As there are mainly local restaurants on the east, this post will mainly focus on nice places in the west. Unfortunately we did not make any pictures of these places, probably because we were more busy with enjoying and eating. Most of these photos are from other websites or photos posted on their Facebook.
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1. ‘’I Do I Do’’

I Do I Do lies in the south-west of Koh Chang, just past the most touristic area which is around Lonely Beach. The location is great as it lies on the beach with a great view and out of the ‘hot spot’. Another pro is that the place looks very cozy and that the employees are very nice. In other words, there is a very nice vibe with occasionally some reggae music. The food and drinks taste great and are made with love and attention as it looks great to the eye too.

The price range is pretty good. A pad thai is 70 baht (+/- 1,87 euro*) , fried rice with chicken is around 50-60 baht (+/- 1,33 – 1,60 euro) and fruit shakes are about 50 baht (+/- 1,33 euro). This place has some European food as well, but those are pretty expensive. A pizza for example is around 200 baht (+/- 5,34).

2. ‘’Stone free’’

In a side street of the touristic strip near lonely beach you can find Stone free as it stands out by all the wood used in the restaurant. The name refers to the fact that the whole place is made of wood and thus ‘stone free’. This place is, just like I Do I Do, very cosy but misses a nice view as it lies near the busiest streets of Koh Chang. There is a good vibe and the employees are nice as well.

Source: Tripadvisor

A big pro of Stonefree is that it is pretty cheap for a restaurant in the middle of the tourist hot spot. Fruit shakes/juices are around 50 baht (1,33 euro), plain rice is about 10-15 baht (0,27 – 0,40 eurocent), fried rice between 50-70 baht (1,33 – 1,87 euro) (vegetable, chicken or seafood) and even french fries are do-able; 70 baht (1,87 euro). Their french fries were pretty good too. The Thai food we ordered was very tasty as well, their chicken garlic and pepper is something that is recommended and their french fries as well. Overall, it is a cheap, cosy and tasty place to eat within the busy area.

3. ‘’Rasta view’’

Between I Do I Do and the village of Bang Bao lies a bar and restaurant on a hill named rasta view. It is very quiet as rasta views only neighbours are a national park, a resort (Tranquility Bay) and some locals who live down the hill. Rasta view is decorated with colorful art, rasta colors, hammocks and cosy cushions to sit on. The view is great as it lies on a hill. You can see Bang Bao pier and a peninsula. The prices of drinks are pretty much the same as the first two places, it is more a bar than a restaurant although there is a possibility to eat there.

Source: Rasta view Facebook
Rasta view also has a bamboo tattoo shop, with a tattoo artist that is pretty good, and a small (rasta) clothing store. The employees are laid-back, nice and very social. They are most likely to start a conversation with you. In conclusion, this place is great if you like a more quiet place that is cosy and has a great view.


4. ‘’Magic Garden’’

Magic Garden lies on the busy street and stand out by it looks. At night you can see all the lights hanging in the trees and the warm colours of the exterior. Magic garden is likely to be more busy as it is quite popular with tourists. The place looks really nice and cosy, which is probably why people go there. They have a lot foreign food as well. They even have a dutch specialty; ‘kroket’. I have never seen that before!

The prices are slightly higher, 10-20 baht (0,27-0,53 euro cent) more expensive than other places. Their foreign food is more pricey as well, french fries are around 100 baht. Overall, if you like a more busy place with more tourists this is the place to be. It is a nice bar as well and you can meet many foreigners.

5. ‘’Ma Ha’’

Ma Ha is a nice and quiet place to sit, relax and just chill. It is next to I Do I Do, but has slightly less of a good vibe. Probably because there is less music. But it is still a nice place to visit if you want to try different places. The view is great, it is on the beach and the owner is very nice. Unfortunately, we could not find any pictures, but if you are bar-hopping or trying out all places you could stop by.

* currency at the time of traveling 

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