The girl with the dragon tattoo

August 3 – Quick-post:  A day for our own activities.

Well.. no not really. Do you know the movie: ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’? It was shot nearby our base camp. We walked with the whole group around the neighborhood, a small town called Segersta. We walked over an old bridge to the place where the girl with the dragon tattoo was filmed. There we walked by a house that was specially made for the movie. Aaaand that was it…

There was nothing more to see, and our camp leader really wanted us to see all of this. It was fun for 15 minutes. Now we went to look for a supermarket. After a while we finally found one! Well the supermarket was not really a supermarket. It was too small to be a real supermarket. Ah well, we found food. So everybody bought some food and after a while we walked back to our base camp.
There was something I missed in Sweden, it was my bike. As an inhabitant of The Netherlands, I MUST have a bike, like everyone else. It’s normal that everyone (most of the people) has a bike to go to school, work etc. It’s just easy… Sjoerd, another Dutch guy, agreed with me. It’s fast, easy, greener than a car and better for long distances.

It was still early, so what did we do the rest of the day? Nothing much. Swim, explore the water some more with the canoe and talk.

– Johanna


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