To learn what we can ‘use from nature’

We went to the woods nearby our base camp. It was just a 5 minute walk and there were small beaches all around. As we arrived, we saw three guys with their pots, pans, bags and other gear. I thought we were going to cook some plants or something like that. The man, Tomas, introduced himself and the others. He didn’t speak 1 single English word, so another man translated him the whole time. He started with showing us 10 plants. These plants could all be found in the woods and he used them himself. He told us about the plants, where they were good for, why you can use them etc.
Tomas is the kind of man that went on vacation to the woods every year since he was a child. He spent a lot of his life in the woods, so he knew a lot about the plants and the woods.
After he explained us all kinds of things about the plants, we were supposed to remember how they look and seek for them in the woods. Most of us did a pretty good job. We handed them our bags with plants and they were going to make lunch for us, using the plants.

Making a fire

In the mean time, we were making bread. Flour, water, salt and yeast is what we used. But I thought that was too boring. So Anna-Sara (from Sweden) and I, went to look for some blueberries and small strawberries. I smashed all my berries and mixed it with all the bread ingredients.
The result was….. purple. Because my bread was purple, my branch looked like a huge swirly lollipop. The smell was good anyway.
In order to bake the bread, we needed long branches. We sharpened our branches with sharp knives and we were ready to bake! After making the bread, sharpening our branches it was time for a fire. The fire was already made by all the boys, being all manly and stuff.. hilarious.

Using the nature
Fire ants. You know, the ants with the painful sting. The name ‘fire ant’ comes from the fact that their sting feels like you’re burned by fire. Tomas told us that the nest of ants are often near water, moist areas. So you always know there is water around when you see the nest. Quite handy if you’re thirsty and if you’re hungry, you can try to eat the ants too.

‘Lunch is ready!’, three words that made a few run to the fire. The lunch they made us was ready, it was quite good. I only can’t remember what it was. All I know is that they used the plants in it, some as ‘spices’. There was some kind of meat in it and potatoes. That’s all.. yeah the food was in my stomach before I could study it.
When lunch was over, we played a trust/memory game. 2 People, 1 blindfolded. The blindfolded person had to walk for a while, touch something and walk again. Of course the blindfolded person was guided. In the end, the blindfolded person had to guess how he walked and what he touched. Quite fun for 10 minutes! But please no longer… Especially a horror if your teammate is trying to be funny. Like letting you walk down a steep hill, totally blindfolded.

– Johanna

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