So.. April the 5th was not really going to work out. We have been juggling on how to manage time between uni, projects, blogging and actually breath. This week starts out fresh with a new throwback video. The weather right now seems nice, starting to get sunny and starting to feel those spring vibes. We have about 3000+ photos to share, but to capture the experiences we have made videos instead. But here is a little throwback.

The places we have seen in Palawan are among our favorite places in the world right now. We truly respect all the beautiful people and the amazing nature that is upon them. We hope all treat it right so all can enjoy. Now, to prepare yourselves for summer, watch this video to catch a glimpse of (us in) the beautiful nature in Palawan and for a feel-good moment during your lunch or whatever you are doing right now. Do not forget to turn on HD mode! Do not be too shy to leave a comment if you like!

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