letter F-01-01inally, after nights of work, filled with sweat, squared eyes and coffee, we present to you our new blog! Back in 2012 we started ‘thesevenroads’ as sort of diary/online platform to share the things we like to do.  Through time, we slowly gave shape to the blog, content and built an audience. Metaphorically you could see it as a growing tree. Considering the full name of the idea behind our blog is  ‘the Seven Roads to the Tree of Life’.

After three years on the road we decided to take a look back at where we have been: the places, the experiences but also the content. Because by looking at the content we found out that most of it was about travel. The funny thing is that we started the blog with the dream to eventually have a travel blog together. Even though we had to start our studies, we managed to go to some places and write about it. In other words, we began giving our little dream some life!

Life is a dynamic process and is ever-changing, so did our thoughts and ideas about the blog. We began to realize that we just wanted to share the full experience of the roads we would discover, from literally sharing travel stories to sharing thoughts and ideas. Through sharing it, we could look back at that particular experience, reflecting, learning and of course enjoying! We also started the blog with the idea that we wanted to reach those whom would enjoy reading one of our stories. With in the back of our mind, that:

‘by doing what you love to do you will reach and meet the right people.

We have been walking around with the thought and drive to make a new website for over a year now. New in design and also as a milestone, a checkpoint from which we want to become more active. It was tough finding the time to realize this, but  after this last year we discovered that it is about sacrificing and making time. So we did. We just started building and now we can proudly present the new blog together with a new series of videos about our Asia trip in 2013!

We know, we know, AGAIN? Well we have kind of promised ourselves to post all that, now it has become more of a bet to ourselves. Anyway, it is really time-consuming with thousands of photos and all these stories to tell. So we decided we would finish the bet of all our stories to tell with videos. It is way cooler to look at anyway, more of an experience to share, more to feel! It is also a way for us to gain more skills and experience in video-editing between our busy schedules of science-stuff.


We have added a Facebook-plugin so you can now comment with your Facebook profile, like it through Facebook and share it with your friends. We are still working on the site so you might experience some lag in some posts as the pictures are too big to load, we are slowly working our way with that. But we really can not wait to it to you since its totally functional!

Here the first one and stay tuned for the next video on april the 5th!

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